Meet your Apothecary: Angelina Williamson


I’m Angelina, owner of Sugar & Pith, writer, potion-maker, urban homesteader, and kitten tamer. I have an inexhaustible curiosity about how things are made and how things work both in the present as well as in the past. I believe that every act of kindness counts and every being matters.

Sugar & Pith is all natural, cruelty free, and made in small batches so that what you buy is always as fresh as possible. A great deal of thought has gone into every aspect of production to make it as sustainable and as green as possible.

I keep my own body and skincare routines spare and simple. Since I use so few products, I expect everything I used to perform well, feel luxurious, and smell amazing. That’s what I have to offer you in all of my products.








  1. Lea says:

    Angelina, your products are really wonderful. My favorite is your Embalming Cream. The texture is perfect. I love the scent of Frankincense and Myrrh as well as knowing that these essences are helping my skin and overall well-being. You make your products with such love, care and with a deep knowledge of being an apothecary. How fortunate are we to have Sugar & Pith and you!

  2. Mae Dutil says:

    I just gave you a big shout out on my Facebook page. I do love my new Rose & Bergamot moisturizing cream. My rosemary and salt is getting low so hope to see you Saturday for more! Thx for putting your heart into helping others, it shows.

    • angelina says:

      I’m so happy you’re enjoying your rose and bergamot cream! Do tell me if you think the scent is too strong. I erred on the side of strong because the natural essential oil scents dissipate pretty quickly, so I made it somewhat strong. Thank you so much for the shout out! I’m putting a rosemary salt in my boxes right now.

  3. Victoria says:

    The embalming lotion is wonderful so soothing, silky and Natural
    I love it!
    In fact my boyfriend burnt his hands he used it and within days hus skin healed
    Thank you!
    I need.more where will you be Sunday in Sonoma county

    • angelina says:

      Oh shoot! I didn’t see this. If you want to buy another jar you can let me know when you’ll be in Santa Rosa and I can give you my address and you can come pick it up from me. I stopped doing the farmer’s market because the exposure to the light and heat isn’t good for my products. I miss being able to sell directly to the community like that. Anyway – email me at if you want to get my address and arrange a time for a pickup.

  4. Thalassa says:

    Angelina – Your stuff is the best! I almost swooned the first time I breathed the scent of your sachets. Your Embalming Creme is a miracle in a jar. Everything of yours I have tried I have adored. You are genius!


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